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Level 2 Apprenticeship Commis Chef

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Level 2 Apprenticeship Commis Chef

Apprenticeships are work-based courses which involve learning and gaining qualifications while working for an employer. An apprentice works at the employer’s premises, gaining practical experience and skills while working towards a qualification which is relevant to their job.

A commis chef is the most common starting position in many kitchens and in principal the most junior culinary role. A commis chef prepares food and carries out basic cooking tasks under the supervision of a more senior chef. The primary objective of the commis chef is to learn and understand how to carry out the basic functions in every section of the kitchen. Therefore, having the opportunity to experience, consider and value each section with a view to choosing an area where they feel most inspired. The learning journey of any chef will vary considerably from one individual to the next; however, it is necessary to understand and have experience in the basics that this role provides in order to progress to any future senior chef role.

This apprenticeship covers the following Role Requirements (Skills, Knowledge and Behaviours):

Contribute to reviewing and refreshing menus in line with business and customer requirements
Use available technology in line with business procedures and guidelines to achieve the best result
Check food stocks, report on shortages, prioritise food that is close to expiry and keep the storage areas in good order
Work methodically to prioritise tasks, ensuring they are completed at the right moment and to the required standard
Measure dish ingredients and portion sizes accurately
Demonstrate a range of craft preparation and basic cooking skills and techniques to prepare, produce and present dishes and menu items in line with business requirements
Use correct knives and knife skills when preparing food and use the correct equipment when preparing, cooking and presenting food
Correctly store and use food commodities when preparing dishes
Apply correct preparation and selection methods when using meat, poultry, fish and vegetables in dishes
Complete preparation and cooking tasks to a high standard, delivered on time and presented as described within the recipe specification
Maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen environment at all times, complete kitchen documentation as required
Store, prepare and cook ingredients correctly to deliver a quality product that is safe for the consumer.

Employers will set their own entry requirements, but it is expected that the individual would have worked with an operational role within the industry to start on this apprenticeship standard. Also, the candidate will be required to successfully achieve qualifications at level 1 in English and Mathematics and also to have taken examinations at level 2, for both subjects, within the period of apprenticeship if not already achieved.

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      Level 2 Apprenticeship Commis Chef

    • Start Dates

      Students can start on various dates, usually any day of the year

    • Duration

      Based on the entry requirements the minimum duration for this apprenticeship is 15 months.

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